Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Items

Sorry for the lack of post, but i'm back on. I just wanted this post to be about the new items I've bought.

1. The babybliss pro ceramic curling iron is my new favorite tool! I love how it curls my hair, keeps it soft and shiny! It just adds a bit more of a natural curl than using a straightner. It's easy to use and has different settings!

2. I bought the clinque 3-step cleanser and still deciding if I like it. I haven't had any trouble spots and its a great 3-step cleansing system but theres something about it that I don't love.

3. I bought a ton of nail-polishes by Finger Paints, China Glaze and Orly.

4. Dior HydraAction Deep Hydration Skin Tint SPF 20. My new favorite tinted moisturizer. I'm not a girl who loves wearing foundation so I stick with tinted moisturizer's. Dior easily blends, has great coverage BUT only comes in 3 shades and luckily #3 suited me perfectly! It's great for dry skin.